Photos: Images are delivered as high-resolution photos, JPEG format at 300ppi, sRGB color space, ready for either print or online. All images are color balanced and software-retouched.

Videos: Videos are rendered in wide screen 16:9, High Definition (HD), 1920x1080ppi, mp4 format, mastered for color and audio. Please note that because the recording is made with a live audience during the show, both lighting and audio are dependent of the specifics of the venue. Footage of your performance will be captured with either one or multiple cameras and edited accordingly to best showcase your dance.



1)     Package of five hi-res photos as digital download: $55.00 (all applicable taxes included)

a.      Each additional photo purchased with the package is $13.50

 2)     Individual photos (no package): $19.50/photo (minimum order of two)

Performance video:   

$40.00/video (all applicable taxes included)

        More information follows; please turn the page    –

How to order:

For photos, if you brought the photo package (only available during the festival), or if you want to order individual photos, your proofs (no retouching) will be available within 5 days at one of the following links:

Friday (08/03) photo gallery:

Password: friday082018

 Saturday (08/04) photo gallery:

Password: saturday082018

 Sunday (08/05) photo gallery:

Password: sunday082018

 Please write down the unique photo ID number for the five images (package), or the individual images you want to purchase and email them to me at Your retouched digital images will be emailed to you in a few days.

 For videosonly videos of performances that have been ordered will be processed. Please allow up to 10 days for delivery. A link to download your video will be sent to your email using the service. The link to download the video will be available for seven days from the date of the email.

 To buy your video/photo packages please look me up during the festival and I will have forms that you can fill out.

You can also order by sending corresponding payment (see below) directly to my PayPal account:


Photo package ONLY


Video only


One video and photo package


 VERY IMPORTANT: Please include in your message to me the following: Your full name, STAGE NAME, address, email address, day of the performance and lineup position (if known).