Performer Information

Thank you for wanting to Share your Art with us!

We are excited to welcome you to the HOA Belly Dance stage. Our audiences are primarily composed of non-dancers and all three shows are well attended by enthusiastic members of the Kansas City community. Be prepared to be treated like the star you are.

Your photo and biography will be printed in our beautiful, full-color, 8.5 X 11 Program. View all past programs on Our History Page.

For Gala Show music requirements visit Performance Request page.
For Competition music requirements visit Competition Page.

The stage is 2.5′ high, 24′ wide x 15′ deep with a wood type surface. Plan to enter the stage from Stage Left. ”Stage left indicates the point of view of the performer standing in front of an audience. From the audience’s perspective, that is the right side.”

Cover-ups need to be worn outside of the dressing room.  Be aware that costume shorts may be needed as the stage is raised. Yes, it does happen… a dancer did flash her bottom.

Call Time
Call time is 45 minutes prior to showtime.  You will check in with the Stage Manager in the dressing room.

Start ON or Off Stage
When you check in with the Stage Manager you will report if you want your music to start after you are on stage or before you enter the stage.

The stage manager will retrieve props from the stage for you following your performance. You do not need to pick up your veil or other props unless it’s part of your performance.

Dressing Room
The dressing room will be in the junior ballroom.  The dressing room adjoins the “on deck” room next to the stage.

Show Order
The show line-ups will be posted in the dressing rooms. You should be “on deck” two numbers prior to yours.